Is golf to expensive for new golfers?

Im writing in response to this article:

I agree with the author of this article.  Golf is DEFINETLY to expensive for any new comer to the game to really be able to get into it.  Beginning golfers are asked to spend $1000 to buy new golf clubs just so they can play, then everytime you play you gotta pay the course at least $20 per round.  Im an avid golfer and play the game almost everyday during the summer and I don’t agree with the price scale to play the game! 

I love golf and really wanna see the game grow and become bigger, but seriously?  Who wants to pay these prices for something you may not even end up enjoying?  If companies want the game to grow, they have GOT to bring down the prices on things to give new players a chance to fall in love with the game.  Otherwise everytime they hit a bad shot all they will think is how much they are paying to do it.  Trust me, we have all been there.



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Im a college student at the U of Wisconsin-Stout who enjoys sports and doing stuff outside with my friends.
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